UaG Nike Air Max 97 x Off-White ‘Elemental Rose Serena’

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Number 1

I was once like you, always tired of losing on the Snkrs app, tired of people who didn't even want the shoe, but only for the money, and tired of paying resell as well. Then I discovered UA, a world where I can save thousands of dollars for the exact same box, accessories, and of course, the shoes. Once you go Ua, you'll never go back, and Grails guarantees that. Sourcing ONLY retail materials to construct our shoes, the craftsmanship really presents itself when you slip the kicks on for a wear. The only question left I have for the people, what's stopping you? 

Number 2

What's the catch? There is none! Ua Grails simply wants to provide kicks that seemed impossible to acquire, to even yield the opportunity to hold in hand. We value the craftsmanship of our work, over any types of money. How could we be called Ua Grails without the work to back our brand up? That's simply something we can not accept, and it's something we won't ever accept as a brand. 


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